Metal Detecting in the UK

Recently Aquachigger and Relicrecoverist spent a week long holiday metal detecting in the UK. These videos were fun to watch as usual and informative. Since the UK goes back to the days when Rome occupied the UK there is a much longer history of people using and losing metal coins. Some put the Romans in England from 43 to 410 AD.  It is amazing to watch people metal detect the huge English fields for days on end. But more than a few are rewarded with hammered coins and even some gold coins that are super old. I think aquachigger found 4-5 hammered silver coins during his trip.

Some facts I uncovered about the middle ages. Pennies were made of silver not copper. A penny was all it took to buy four loaves of bread.

In the US southern states spending a day in a plowed field may yield you a few arrow heads and some modern coins. Up north you may do better. In fact you may even find some Spanish silver reales.  You should be able to find those in an area from North Georgia down to the Gulf of Mexico along the Chattahoochee river since the Spaniards are reported by Indians to have trekked up and down this corridor to get the gold from the tribes in North Georgia in the 1600-1700’s. But I have never heard of any metal detectorists in the area finding such old coins. There seems to be no hard historical facts to support this mention of Spanish travels so far north.  So for your best bet on getting some really old coins try a metal detecting holiday tour in the UK.

Here is Aquachigger’s video going into some detail about signing up for some metal detecting holidays tours in the UK. If you pay extra you can arrange to metal detect in the UK with some of your favorite YouTube personalities. How neat that would be digging with Jocelyn Elizabeth  and Beau.