Suspicious Youtube metal detecting videos


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Have you ever come across some Youtube metal detecting videos that seem too good to be true? I was watching one detectorist film a coin cache that seemed too good to be true. So I looked at a lot of other videos on his Youtbe channel. They all had one thing in common. In none of the videos did you see him actually digging a plug going through the plug with his pin pointer probing and searching for the target. The video always started with the coins laying in the hole or just out of the hole. Its funny that 99% of all metal detecting videos on Youtube you actually see the person digging the hole and finding the target in the plug or in the hole.  I kinda think this person is just faking it for the Youtube views which if you monetize your channel you receive $5 -$8 per thousand views. Hate to be that skeptical but that is the way I see it. There is no really good reason not to film you actually digging a plug and not a pre-dug plug. Easy to tell the difference. And no this is not a well known Youtube detectorist and no I don’t link to his videos.