Platinum 800 diamond ring ring with diamonds find

find at 4:52 min.

Published on Mar 23, 2017

G,day Guys👍🏻, Today was AWESOME, found my biggest ever platinum 800 diamond ring while underwater metal detecting and im filming from multiple angles to give you that feeling your right there with me. My first pt 800 I’m lost for words guys💍👍🏻. Kick back relax and enjoy. I’ll see you on the next hunt

Great Lower Beach hunt – gold ring and diamond find!

Ed returned to same beach where he had found some other rings. This is one of the axioms of beach hunting. Always return to where you find jewelry because you are very likely to find more on other days for the exact same reasons you found the first jewelry finds. look at 9:54 min for find.

Published on Jul 5, 2015

Really exciting finding this Diamond Wedding Ring ! …….. Jeweler said the main stone is almost flawlessssss !!! ……. I love this hobby ! 



Garrett’s New AT Pro Max

The AT Pro series is probably the most popular series of mid-level priced metal detectors. Garrett his a home run with the AT Pro. The question we now ask, is the AT PRO Max a home run or just a triple play?

Here are the features I know about:

NEW Built-in Z-Lynk™ Wireless Technology, includes wireless headphones, Increased depth detection. An additional search mode and a different selection display of mode presentation. Gone is the 2 column standard and pro with different feature selections in each column.

I would like to know your ideas on these new features and any other new features or differences from the AT PRO and AT PRO Gold.  I especially wish to know if you have any actual field experience with the AT Pro Max detector and what do you think about this new machine.

So far I have seen a side by side filed test garden comparison with the new AT PRO Max and AT Pro by the Hoover Boys on Youtube.


Metal Detecting Guides available now

You can now buy our metal detecting guides in Kindle format from Amazon. The guide to the West coast of Florida is the only one in Kindle format at this time. The above pictured guide is in printed format only at this time.

Metal Detecting Beach Guides Publishing and Metal Detecting Blog

This is a metal detecting blog where I will post items of interest to the metal detectorists. As the editor of this blog I will try to select only the information and videos that are well produced and contain useful information for the detectorists.

We also publish metal detecting field guides like the one below.       Order Page

Metal Detecting Field Guide to Florida’s Treasure Coast Beaches Now Available in the 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ printed format for  $15.96  (best time to search is now after hurricane Irma.)