Rare Video Appearance of a Professional Beach hunter

There are the professional beach hunters who do not make videos and keep their successes quiet for a variety of reasons I won’t go into here. Listen closely to what he talks about. ¬†Lots of good information about his gear.

What is a professional ocean beach hunter? Well I will just list a few of their characteristics.

They rarely make videos. They have gear that is optimized for ocean beach hunting. They often travel long distances to good beaches. They know how to read a beach. They know how to find good beaches to hunt. They don’t worry about the local or vacation hunters since they have better skills and equipment. They spend lots and lots of hours hunting, often into the night.

I write ocean beach hunting guides and I listen very carefully to the professional ocean beach hunters for valuable information to share with my readers.




Night Beach Hunt

Published on Sep 29, 2016

Super nice warm Sunday night ! After a long hot weekend ,I found a lot of nice Treasures on this hunt …….. Nice junk of CASH on this one, I have never found a stash of money before until this hunt ! Enjoy !


Editor’s Note: don’t care for the language, but Ed is a professional beach hunter. Getting too hot on the beach in the day? Switch to night hunting. Just take a good head mounted bright LED light.

$13,000 ring on the Lower Beach Cuts

Published on May 18, 2017

I found a Monster Gold piece out off a Monster cut on the Beach about 6 to 8 feet of sand sucked off the beach …………… Crazy awesome hunt ! Lots of Gold, Diamonds, Silver & Gemstones : )
Editor’s Note: Pay attention to large beach cut. Also notice how deep he had to dig, never give up on a good signal.

Nice Dry Sand Hunt

Published on Nov 14, 2016

This video shows a short metal detecting hunt I did at Clearwater Beach on Friday…in November! Hahaha! Enjoy!


Areas with Lots of Rocks on an Ocean Beach are Good

Published on Oct 29, 2015

found this awesome cut while metal detecting with my minelab detector on a ocean beach gold class rings silver coins gold necklace recovery!!!
Editor’s Note: Listen to his narrative and gain some good beach hunting tips. ¬†finding heavy items like copper pipe and rocks are sign posts that you will find jewelry in this area if there is any dropped jewelry.

Great Day at the Beach

Published on Jan 10, 2017

What was once an old beach is now a dump site loaded with glass and Iron. You’ll see red fragments and glass in virtually every scoop, even with the good stuff!


Editor’s Note: Do your research and you will likely be rewarded. Beaches are very large areas to search. Effective research will guide you to the most likely areas of the beach that will give up the gold.

Very Nice Silver Haul on a Day at the Beach

Published on Jan 1, 2017

Decided to hit the beach after a storm swept threw and moved the sand around, the ctx3030 ran pretty smooth on the black sand. We ended up with 61 older silver coins in total. It was a awesome day for silver. Enjoy!

Gold and Silver Finds on Lake Beach

Published on Jan 12, 2012

Finding multiple silver AND multiple gold rings from 8 hours of hunting this beach was something I never expected. Here I am hunting a dry swimming beach at a drought stricken lake. I had given up on this beach in the past as it was hard to even find junk. Since the lake level has been down for a while I figured that a local hunter would have swooped in and cleaned it out. Apparently not! Junk targets abound, but so does the gold and silver!