Metal Detecting in Georgia

I am always seeking new properties to metal detect. I am an Army veteran and  live in Peachtree Corners, Georgia near the Chattahoochee River with my wife, two dogs and a cat. I have been metal detecting since 1986 and have written two small booklets on ocean beach metal detecting and am working on my third booklet.

I am always interested in finding new properties to hunt. I respect the owner’s property and dig small holes and always carefully replace the sod and dirt so evidence of my metal detecting presence is gone with the next rain.

I share my finds with the property owner on a 50/50 basis.  I show all my finds to the property owner on a daily basis or an agreed upon schedule. At the end of the month, we flip a coin to see who gets the first choice of all items valued at less than $100 each.  The winner of the coin toss chooses the first item and then the other person takes the next item of their choice. The property owner and I alternate in this fashion until all valuable found items have been distributed.

On any found items valued over $100 I will sell the item and split the cash received with the property owner on a 50/50 basis. Or either party may choose to keep the valuable item by paying the other the market value determined by finding similar items sold on eBay or using an expert with knowledge of the item to value the item. Any fees paid to an expert will be deducted from

This agreement will be provided to the property owner for both parties to agree to with their signatures.

If you have some properties that you would like us (my son and I) to hunt then send an email to:  with the subject line containing “Search my property questions”.