Suspicious Youtube metal detecting videos


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Have you ever come across some Youtube metal detecting videos that seem too good to be true? I was watching one detectorist film a coin cache that seemed too good to be true. So I looked at a lot of other videos on his Youtbe channel. They all had one thing in common. In none of the videos did you see him actually digging a plug going through the plug with his pin pointer probing and searching for the target. The video always started with the coins laying in the hole or just out of the hole. Its funny that 99% of all metal detecting videos on Youtube you actually see the person digging the hole and finding the target in the plug or in the hole.  I kinda think this person is just faking it for the Youtube views which if you monetize your channel you receive $5 -$8 per thousand views. Hate to be that skeptical but that is the way I see it. There is no really good reason not to film you actually digging a plug and not a pre-dug plug. Easy to tell the difference. And no this is not a well known Youtube detectorist and no I don’t link to his videos.

Here today, gone tomorrow.

I found a 1940’s hold home that became vacant due to new construction of a park area. Three weeks went by until I could find the perfect Saturday morning.for the hunt.  The night before I imagined or dreamed of the silver lurking beneath the surface.  I get up at dawn, have some coffee and then head out to search the site. Only to find they had leveled the home and moved in about 3 feet of dirt to landscape for the new park. Ugh! The day before I drove by and the house was still there and the soil untouched. So next time I spot a home that is the target of new construction, I will hunt it ASAP.


Getting Skunked

I have been metal detecting since the mid 1980’s. Started first with the Fisher Gold Bug and the Garrett Coin Hunter.  We always did pretty good with the Fisher gold bug up in the hills and gold bearing streams. Took a few years off  from metal detecting and then got back into the hobby and learned some more about metal detecting.  But it wasn’t until about 10 years ago when I started really learning this great hobby. Spent much more time hunting and researching for sites and learning from others.

So I consider myself an adequate metal detectorists. If the target is there, and even in a junky park I will find it. Why? Because I have put in the hours learning from hunting in very trashy parks. Once you learn in this environment other areas like home sites and beaches are not so hard.

I used to complain about the junky park near home. The areas around the concrete picnic tables were loaded with foil, pop tops, bobby pins and bottle caps at all depth. This was a rather old and very popular park on the weekend. So it is getting loaded down with even more trash every weekend and yes even with some dropped coins. A good friend who is more experienced than I am, told me to look at it another way. He said, “You have the best training area for metal detecting within 1/2 mile of your house. You are pulling targets out among all that junk. You should be able to hunt anywhere and be successful.

So that brings me up to the times when you get skunked and don’t find silver. If you can reliably pull clad out at 4-6 inches hidden under, near or even above junk targets, you can pull silver coins out from the same areas. But with one qualifier. The silver has to be there. Yes I do get skunked and find no silver. Some days I even get doubled skunked and don’t even find clad. Not getting double skunked is somewhat rare for me, but it happens when you are hunting an area that has no clad or silver. This is the time to move on to another hunt site. Even when you get skunked, you have spent the day outdoor away from your work, so what is so wrong with that?

Ed the Beach Hunter very nice diamond ring find

A little about Ed the  Beach Hunter. Best I can tell he lives on the west coast. His videos are well produced. You see him dig out the junk and great finds so no doubt he is seems to be the real deal. He does get a little excited and uses colorful language, so be forewarned. He is fun to watch and you can learn some valuable beach hunting techniques if you pay attention. For instance in this video he has hunted this beach before and notices some significant sand erosion and was hunting in that area when he found the monster ring.