Why serious beach hunters use the best detectors

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You can usually tell the serious beach hunters from the vacation guys by the hardware they are swinging. Look at this video and pay attention to the last part.

A machine like the Minelab Explorer has the best of both worlds. A double D coil and lots of frequencies being used at one time. So if you are within 2 hours from an ocean beach with lots of hotels and condo’s then seriously consider buy a better beach detector. You can find the Minelab Explorer SE used for about $500 on ebay.

Getting permission to hunt a property

Taken from metaldetectingguides.com – For a number of reasons, getting permission to hunt a property was always difficult for me. Many experienced metal detectorists will tell you to just go up and knock on the door and ask for permission to hunt a property. They can only tell you no and they probably won’t shoot you. Others have suggested that the younger and older property owners seem to give permission to search more often than middle aged property owners. I found a relative new and painless way to get hunting permissions on some choice old homes nearby. This is with posting a short note in nextdoor web page. This is a new local neighborhood discussion group that seems very active. Every month or so I post a notice that I am retired and enjoy metal detecting as a hobby and am willing to search any older home property for free and will share my finds with the owner. This almost always brings in 1-3 offers to search some homes built between 1900 and 1970 that have never been searched. Note: nextdoor web page is kind of exclusive since you must prove you live in the area by submitting a copy of one of your utility bills or be recommended by a neighbor. This keeps the web site under control and not out of control like craigslist. It is a trusted web site for this reason by neighbors. “There comes a time in every rightly constructed boy’s life that he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure.” – Mark Twain.

Where are the metal detecting drones?

www.metaldetectingguides.com – I am waiting for a new Rube Goldberg metal detecting Drone to appear on Youtube. Searched Youtube for videos of such an animal, and really didn’t find anything credible. You take one modern lightweight metal detector and remove the coil and control box from the shaft and mount it under a drone with video and audio. Set it in the all metal mode and go to the edge of a field you want to detect and fly drone up and down the field and listen for non-ferrous tones. When you hear a payoff tone you can jag the coil back and forth to confirm the find. Then land the drone and walk over and start digging. No longer will you have arm and wrist fatigue. Well you may get thumb fatigue from moving the drone controls. There are a number of drones out there that will carry 15 lbs of payload which will more than handle the coil and brains of a modern metal detector. Flight time is limited to about 15 minutes but 2-3 spare batteries charging while you are drone detecting will solve that problem. Oh, yes don’t forget the six pack of beer and the camp chair.  Comments welcome.

Who was Rube Goldberg?


Metal Detecting – Finding Deep Coins in the Park

www.metaldetectingguides.com – Parks are never truly hunted out. Yes, silver coins are not just popping to the surface these says and in fact  they are going deeper every day. An Old gold prospector’s saying is “Every time it thunders the gold goes deeper.” Well the same can be said for silver. So you have to go deeper with your hunt. Wait for after a good soaking rain when the soil is deeply soaked and put on your head phones and use a large coil and listen for the deep silver and gold tones. You may find that the park is only hunted out for the easy targets.

Finding Deep Coins metal detecting
Finding Deep Coins metal detecting

Turn $27 Morgan Coin into $90 Silver Ring in 15 minutes

Turn $27 Morgan Coin into $90 Silver Ring in 15 minutes

How to double or triple your money by creating unique rings with  Morgan Silver Dollars worth about $27 -$30 on ebay. Sell your newly created rings for $79 – $90 on ebay. Yes, you have to invest in some tools  like the six ton hydraulic A frame press for $94 at Walmart.