Observations of Ocean Beach Hunters

As a form of entertainment while doing some other work on my PC I have YouTube running on my second screen. I look at other beach metal detectorists. There are a couple of guys who really know what their are doing in terms of reading and hunting the beach. I can always pick up a new bit of learning from them.

But for a lot of the beach hunting videos there are some metal detecting YouTubers that are entertaining to watch, but sometimes I cringe at their techniques or lack of knowledge of beach hunting.

Many don’t seem to care about the tide schedules and some are hunting at high tide and are forced to move up to the upper beach were statistically you don’t find a lot of valuable jewelry.

Probably the worst thing that I see often is they will spend all day on a sanded in beach just locating and digging light junk. Well maybe they are out just for the exercise. As far as that goes, fine. A bad day at the beach is better than a good day at work. And in all fairness they may be on their day off and this was the only time they can hunt.

But if you have the time and want to be a serious beach hunter, learn to read the beach and if the beach you are hunting is not giving up the treasures, move one to one that is giving up the treasures. Find a beach that is giving up lots of heavy targets like sinkers and other heavy items. When you find those items then slow down your search and hunt that areas hit it hard.

Another item that you need to consider is your metal detector. A serious beach hunter will almost always have a good PI detector.

Another video shows a guy using a Garrett ATX hunting on a beach that has no hotels/condos and few people. Yet on the same video about 1/2 mile down the beach are a string of high rise hotels. Does he wonder why he is only pulling in bottle caps, foil and pop tops? Does he not wonder why he is finding no jewelry?

Before you go ocean beach metal detecting, do your research. There are many beach hunting guides on Amazon and some even give the best locations to search. I am serious, a couple hours of research on reading beaches and locating good ocean beach hunt sites will result in pulling in the gold jewelry.




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