Which metal detecting videos I watch

Here are some good ones to watch and what they specialize in. I tend to watch the ones with the highest number of subscribers for the simple reason normally they are the better metal detecting videos.

However there are some high subscriber YouTube women personalities that rely on their physical attributes rather than their metal detecting skills to attract subscribers. There are some other metal detecting channels that bribe their way to increase subscribers by giving away prizes. Then there are some that I suspect just plant their eBay purchased coin finds before they do their metal detecting videos.  I do bounce around and sample a lot of the metal detecting YouTube channels but these are the one I follow on a regular basis. These are not listed in any particular order.

The ones below have a high subscription base on YouTube but they do know their stuff and are a credit to this hobby.

Ed the beach hunter for ocean beach detecting.

Green Mountain Metal Detecting for finding old cellar holes and mountain detecting.

Aquachigger for rivers, creeks and all around metal detecting.

Relic Recoverists for all general types of metal detecting on land.

Nugget Noggin – land, rivers and creeks.

Last but certainly not the least is JD’s Variety Channel.

I have to comment on his channel. When I first tuned into his channel I noticed that he did some other video on non-metal detecting topics. I formed a quick but inaccurate opinion of his channel. I thought he was just a YouTube personality wannabe with little substance. That was a couple of months ago. For some reason I was back on his channel and decided to take some time to see if he really knew his metal detecting stuff. In a short period of time  after watching 3-4 of his metal detecting videos I was convinced even for his young age, he knew his stuff. If fact I have come to discover that he is one of the most passionate individual about his metal detecting. It literally saved his life. I will leave it to you to find out what I mean by that. I also discovered he probably is one of the smartest young guys I have come across on YouTube.

God Bless you JD. Well he already has. I will continue to enjoy your videos.



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