Rural Mail Boxes



When you are driving around scouting for a new old home site, don’t forget mail boxes. Out in the country when small dirt roads branched off paved roads you would often set 5 – 10 mail boxes clustered on the side of the paved road. This is because the postman back in the 30’s, 40’s & 50’s used their own cars to deliver rural and would not go down the dirt roads which were muddy in the winter and spring and dry and dusty in the summer and fall. This is my guess on why they didn’t put mail boxes down the dirt roads. Well, no matter the reason, the fact is that they did and still do cluster mail boxes together on the main road for the smaller road where houses were built. Maybe it just saved the postman time.  People in the country often did not have stamps and just left change in the mail box. Some of that changed got dropped. So when you see these cluster of rural mail boxes, you may consider pulling over and detecting around the mail boxes. It is a relative small area to search and almost always the mail box posts were made of wood. I have often found some nice silver in about 1 out of 20 rural mail boxes searched.




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