Hunting Creeks for coins, jewelry and old bottles

I have found that the two best areas for hunting creeks is where the creek empties out into a river and within walking distance of an old road. The next good place is where a creek goes under an old road. Look at your topo maps as old as you can find and search for these two places. I usually just take my AT Pro, good hiking books, wear jeans, lots of Deet since these areas usually have lots of nasty and annoying bugs. I take my scoop, and use my gloves because of the fishhooks and broken glass that is often in found in these area. I pay particular attention to bedrock areas underwater as well as clay layers covered with sand. My recent best find was a 1938 14K class ring a few months back. Keep your eyes out for intact old bottles buried in the creek bank, they can sometimes be worth more than jewelry and coins. Just look at the ebay sold listings for bottle and arrange the search by high price first.  I always search the banks for exposed bottles and relics. Often the creek bank erosion exposes a bottle dump. When you see broken glass or  a bottle partially exposed in the creek bank dirt it is a good chance you have found a bottle dump.


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