Where are the metal detecting drones?

www.metaldetectingguides.com – I am waiting for a new Rube Goldberg metal detecting Drone to appear on Youtube. Searched Youtube for videos of such an animal, and really didn’t find anything credible. You take one modern lightweight metal detector and remove the coil and control box from the shaft and mount it under a drone with video and audio. Set it in the all metal mode and go to the edge of a field you want to detect and fly drone up and down the field and listen for non-ferrous tones. When you hear a payoff tone you can jag the coil back and forth to confirm the find. Then land the drone and walk over and start digging. No longer will you have arm and wrist fatigue. Well you may get thumb fatigue from moving the drone controls. There are a number of drones out there that will carry 15 lbs of payload which will more than handle the coil and brains of a modern metal detector. Flight time is limited to about 15 minutes but 2-3 spare batteries charging while you are drone detecting will solve that problem. Oh, yes don’t forget the six pack of beer and the camp chair. ┬áComments welcome.

Who was Rube Goldberg?



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