Setting up a day long ocean beach camp

On a beach hunt you are often hunting a beach 20-30 minutes hiking time away from your car. To have more beach hunting time you need to bring what you need for an all day beach hunt. You do this by establishing a beach hunt base camp.  This starts with a light weight 4 wheeled sports cart like the one you can buy at Dick Sporting Goods Store for $59. Now you can take a beach umbrella, lots of water, favorite foods, towels your metal detecting gear a portable chair. In short anything you need to relax in comfort between beach hunts. Pull the cart on the wet sand to your beach hunt base camp and set up your camp. You then can hunt up and down the beach. When you are ready to move, simply pull your cart further up or down the beach to your new hunt location. I have used this portable base camp transport method often on all day hunts.  I find that resting and recharging in comfort every 2 hours makes for a much more pleasant and effective metal detecting day. For base camp beach security, I place my Carlon Vibration Alarm in the cart (available on line and at Walmart). If anyone tries to rummage around in the cart the Ultra loud 100dB alarm will sound. It has gone off once when I was about 200 yards away from the cart and a male teen was snooping through my cart. He quickly took off walking fast like he was not doing anything. Of course my wallet and keys are always with me unless I am hunting in deeper water.  HH Samuel


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