Smart Move by Ocean Metal Detectorist

Published on Jun 3, 2015

Two guys on a fancy boat were diving with their clothes in the water. In the beginning nobody on the beach could figure out why, so everyone was laughing they were drunk! At that time, I was heading into chest-high water with scuba gear to look for jewelry – LOTS of Latinos frequent the beach and they all wear jewelry! It suddenly struck me that they may have lost a watch. After they left, I headed out there, and for 1.5 hours I was metal detecting at 25-27 feet and only found a lead weight… (Sigh) I aborted the dive, and on my next day off, a week later I went back (having video-taped the search area and reef line so I would remember where to go) and about after an hour, I found it!!!! Netted me $720 at the local pawnshop!




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